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Are you a new yoga teacher, seeking guidance and support to ditch self doubt, find your authentic voice and teach confidently

Or maybe you're a more experienced teacher, tired of burnout from running around town (and zooms) teaching studio classes or free classes and you're craving a different teaching path but don't know where to start?

Then you're in the right place! Check out the goodies below to get you feeling inspired and excited to teach with purpose!

Let's start here...

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Looking for more?

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Deep Dive is a 6 month personalized 1:1 coaching program that will fuel you with inspiration, clarity, support and guidance to achieve your unique teaching goals and dreams.

I'm currently accepting a VERY limited number of Deep Dive clients. The program includes:

2 monthly calls, The opportunity to send me 2 class recordings for feedback and continued support from me via email throughout our 6 months together.


Click on the button to learn more about this program and to book a free consultation call to see if we're the right fit to work together.

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Wild Hearts is an 8 week transformational
yoga teacher mentorship program

This Fast Track teaching program is currently offered LIVE and online twice a year. It's an intimate container that includes both group calls and 1:1 calls.


Wild Hearts will support you past your comfort zone to gain confidence, find your voice and refine your skills to get you teaching from a place of authenticity and ease while inviting more balance and harmony onto your already full plate.


So whether you haven't started teaching yet or you've been feeling lost and are looking for direction and support from a seasoned pro, this program is both an incredible value and a transformational experience.

The next Wild Hearts start date is TBA. Email me for more info including earlybird pricing and waitlist options:


Accelerate is A 90 minute coaching call to boost your teaching momentum and fast track you on a clear path towards reaching your unique teaching goals and dreams.

This 90 minute intensive coaching call is especially for you if you don't have the time to commit to a longer program and are finding yourself:​

  • feeling stuck since recently completing teacher training and lacking the support you need to start teaching both online and in person

  • teaching free classes for months and looking for guidance on how to shift to paid offerings

  • teaching only group studio classes and ready to create your own unique offers for more abundance and freedom (workshops, 1:1 packages and special events- oh my!)

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Check out my course  on Yoga International:

Teaching Yoga with Confidence and Authenticity

This five hour, 4 part course is being offered at the super accessible price of $36USD and will cover:

  • Gaining confidence in your teaching abilities so you don’t get held back by fear of failure

  • Overcoming “yoga teacher burnout” and cultivating a realistic personal practice

  • Letting go of “Imposter Syndrome” so you can teach from your authentic voice

  • Creating a unique experience in each one of your classes by connecting more deeply with your students.

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