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Deep Dive 
1:1 Mentorship for yoga teachers, wellness entrepreneurs and healers

A 4 month personalized coaching program that will fuel you with the unique inspiration, support and guidance that you need to build a thriving, aligned remote business that you are passionate about sharing with the world.



Are you a spiritual or wellness entrepreneur struggling to make ends meet or giving all of your time and energy to other businesses and companies? 


You could be dreaming of confidently stepping up to share the unique healing gifts that you have with the world, on your own terms (and actually making money from it).

Maybe you're a newer yoga teacher or healer and feeling overwhelmed, lost or uninspired about reaching your full potential as an entrepreneur?

Or maybe you've been dabbling for a while and now you're finally ready to quit playing small and get serious about offering your own workshops, courses, programs and retreats.


You're looking for guidance from someone who has successfully built a remote spiritual business from the ground up.


 You don't have to go it alone!


This coaching program is right for you if you want to:

  • Find clarity around where you should be focusing your time and energy around growing as a teacher, healer and entrepreneur

  • Cultivate your most authentic voice so you can confidently promote your offerings and connect to your ideal students from an effortless place of love and compassion 

  • Abolish imposter syndrome and let go of your inner critic so you can spend more time and energy refining your offerings and building a thriving business and less time questioning if you're on the right path

  • Release blocks that are holding you back and find the courage to reach your true bad ass potential so you can share your transformative offerings far and wide around the globe

Perhaps you're getting stuck in imposter syndrome, comparison mode or feeling afraid that you don't have what it takes?

It's time for you to step up and commit to your growth and development as a teacher and yoga or wellness biz owner, build up your confidence and receive the guidance you need to reach your full potential.


I know what it's like to have big dreams and goals but feel discouraged and lost due to lack of direction and support. That's why I'm here to guide you every step of the way towards reaching those big dreams.

Are you ready to:

  • Take a deep dive into your own business challenges and mindset blocks and receive clear, direct guidance around how to break through them?

  • Be supported and held accountable to consistently show up and do the work because you know that all great teachers and healers are continually growing and stretching (both physically and mentally)?

  • Get organized and commit to a plan of action to expand your offerings with my support and guidance backing you each step of the way?​​


  • Set clear and specific goals that are both achievable and measurable so you can release feelings of overwhelm and self doubt?

  • Stop making excuses and putting off the opportunity to truly shine and embody the role of the teacher and healer once and for all?

  • Release the scarcity mindset and learn the key ingredients to cultivating an abundant and successful career working for yourself with specialized offers like 1:1 sessions, workshops and special events?


 It's time to reignite your passion within and bring your vision and purpose as a healer and teacher to life with ease!

Very limited spaces are available.

Email Ali to check availability:

Client Spotlight: @haleyfaulkner


What you'll receive during our time together


  • Six months of consistent and personalized one on one support to guide you through your unique challenges with clear action steps, strategies and goals unique to you.

  • Honest and clear feedback that will be transformative yet simple to implement so you know exactly where to focus your time and energy to grow as a teacher.

  •  Individualized guidance from someone who has embodied the role of the mentor for many years and has been through many of the same struggles and challenges that you're facing right now so you don't have to take the long road to running a successful, aligned and purposeful business of your own.

  • Two live calls each month to set clear goals, to feel guided and supported and to be held accountable to achieve the success and growth you're after. Plus receive extra support via email between the calls whenever needed.

Hi, I'm Ali.


I'm an international yoga teacher, energy healer, retreat leader and yoga and spiritual business mentor. Ive been teaching yoga since 2014 and have completed over 1000 hrs of teacher training. I've taught yoga and trained yoga teachers in many different cities and countries around the world.


I spent 4 years teaching at some of the top studios in Los Angeles, CA as both a Lead Teacher and Teacher Development Manager.


In these positions and other roles through well known international yoga companies, I’ve been mentoring yoga teachers and other wellness entrepreneurs across the world both in-person and remotely for over 5 years.

In 2020, I decided to stop giving my time and energy away to other studios and businesses and finally step into the roll of entrepreneur.


I've spent the last 2+ years running my own business while learning as much as possible through courses, trainings, business coaches and trial and error- how to run a successful and aligned business while traveling the world full-time.​


I am passionate about helping you do the same, minus the detours, setbacks, bumps and bruises that I've endured along the way.

Global Yoga Teacher

What my clients are saying:


"Ali is an amazing mentor/coach. I was feeling lost, scattered, and unmotivated after my teacher training. In the time we have been working together, I have become more focused, proactive, and confident in my teaching, and I know she will continue to bring the best out of me. I am so glad I made the decision to invest in myself, as Ali’s support and guidance have without a doubt helped me immensely."


(Yoga Teacher in Los Angeles, California)

michelle for testimonial.jpg

Ali is insightful, and a marketing genius. She is always open and honest about sharing her knowledge and lessons learned.


I’m so grateful we connected and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to take their yoga career to the next level.


(Yoga Teacher and Artist in Colorado and Global)


The program includes:

3 Monthly calls over four months

  • We meet at the beginning of the month to get really clear on your specific goals and challenges. We will set up a plan with realistic, actionable steps for you to rise to the challenge of expanding outside your comfort zone and maintaining a steady pace forward towards your goals.

  • The second and third monthly calls are check-in's to ensure the forward momentum continues, to re-evaluate and update any plans that might need to pivot and to keep you inspired and accountable to showing up and doing the work.

Continued support and availability from me throughout our time together

  • I will be available via a private Voxer chat for extra guidance between our calls for extra support when questions arise.

  • When moments of self doubt or procrastination creep in, you'll feel confident knowing that I'm just an email away to fuel your inner fire and keep you inspired to stay on track.

  • Be fully supported and held accountable as you dive into the work of becoming an abundant and confident teacher.

Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Email Ali to see if she has space for you:


It's time to conquer your fears and transform your business so you can truly serve others while living a more empowered and aligned life on your own terms.

I can't wait to support you as you step into your true power as a teacher, healer and a human.



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