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A 90 minute coaching call to boost your momentum and fast track you on a clear path towards reaching your specific goals as a healer, yoga teacher or wellness entrepreneur.


Are you looking for a personalized strategy to:


  • Prepare for a location independent lifestyle and/or start traveling full-time and you want advice from someone who is already living their own version of the dream you've been thinking up for a while now?

  • Shift from only working for other studios, companies and businesses and set up your own profitable business but you're not sure where to start?

  • Tweak the details of your current wellness offerings or classes so they support you financially and give you the space you want to bring more balance and freedom in your life?


Maybe you have some specific questions or ideas in your head and you need help executing them such as:

  • Planning your first retreat or big in-person event

  • Creating an online course, program, workshop or class series

  • Re-branding your soul aligned business with authenticity


  • Creating a clear and consistent road map for your social media content 

This 90 minute intensive is just what you need!

This fast track intensive is right for you if you're feeling:

  • a lack of motivation and uninspired to reach your full business potential and financial goals on your own

  • overwhelmed when you think about your goals and how to achieve them

  • lost with a lack of guidance and support but not quite ready to commit to a bigger time and money consuming program right now


It's time to ditch the overwhelm and seek the guidance you desire so you can elevate your yoga or wellness career with momentum and confidence!

Are you ready to:

Launch from insecure student or client into confident Teacher or healer

Get clear on who you're helping and what you want to offer them (and how)

Find abundance and freedom with more diverse offerings

  • receive the guidance and information you need to confidently set up your own online offerings including strategies for social media, programs/platforms, apps and equipment

  • create a clear plan to overcome the resistance and hesitation and finally start attracting your dream students/clients! 

  • learn simple marketing strategies and tools to convert students and clients from your free content to your paid offerings

  • create a clear roadmap with the timeline and action steps you specifically need so you can stop wasting your time and energy on unclear content and messaging

  • gain clarity around pricing for your ideal clientele and each individual offer- determine what pricing feels good for you and is accessible to your students/clients

  • Learn how to create a "sales funnel" that doesn't feel pushy or inauthentic, but also resonates with the people who you want to serve

  • learn how you can start offering workshops, 1:1 packages and special events on your own

  • Create your first retreat roadmap and get all the questions answered that you've been too afraid to ask

  • Learn how all of your creativity and healing gifts can help you build a thriving business once you're able to strategize, plan and execute efficiently

I'm currently accepting a limited number of one-time Accelerate calls through March 11th, 2023

What we'll unpack together:


  • break down specific blocks and barriers that are holding you back from reaching your goals

  • expand your understanding and create clarity on where you should be spending your time specifically to reach your badass yoga teacher or healer potential

  • receive guidance on how to approach potential collaborators and dream students in a non “cringey” and authentic way


Hi, I'm Ali.

I'm a global yoga and meditation teacher, energy healer, retreat leader and I mentor yoga teachers and other spiritual entrepreneurs. 

When I first started teaching yoga over 8 years ago, I suffered from crippling self doubt. I was lost, confused and overwhelmed. 

I had all of these inspiring ideas and dreams of how I wanted to impact the world with my purpose and gifts as a yoga teacher but I had NO idea where to start. 

As I worked my way through the challenges of imposter syndrome, finding my authentic voice and gaining confidence, my dreams started to become reality.

I spent four years in Los Angeles as the Lead Teacher and Teacher Development Manager at three of LA's top studios. I also spent a few years mentoring new teachers around the globe with an International company.

In 2020, everything shifted. I'm sure you can relate. 


I found myself reflecting on what was working in my life and what wasn't. I no longer felt called to continue working my butt off for someone else when I had so many of my own dreams to live, share and serve others on my own terms. 


So I decided to follow my biggest dream yet, donate my belongings, leave my comfortable Los Angeles Lifestyle and leap into the unknown- a brand new location independent lifestyle, traveling the world full-time, leading sold out retreats, connecting regularly with a global client base and running an online (travel friendly) yoga & mentoring business.

It's not easy to build your own business as a spiritual entrepreneur but I've learned a hell of a lot on my own journey that I'm ready to share with you to save you the time, energy and many of the challenges that I've faced along the way.


Since I've been mentoring and coaching yoga teachers and wellness professionals for over 5 years now, I've helped many others with abolishing self doubt so they can carve their own unique path, without feeling alone, lost or unsupported like I did.


What Teachers are saying about my guidance:

Tammy website.png

"Ali is an amazing mentor/coach. I was feeling lost, scattered, and unmotivated after my teacher training. In the time we have been working together, I have become more focused, proactive, and confident in my teaching, and I know she will continue to bring the best out of me.

I am so glad I made the decision to invest in myself, as Ali’s support and guidance have without a doubt helped me immensely."


(Los Angeles, CA)

Untitled design-43.png

"Ali is insightful, and a marketing genius.

She is always open

and honest about sharing her knowledge and lessons learned.


I’m so grateful we connected and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to take their yoga career to the next level."


(Denver, CO)



Pay in Full

Purchase the Pay in Full option for $275 USD

(save $25)


Payment Plan

Need more flexibility? Choose this option for 2 monthly payments of

$150 USD ($300 USD total)

It takes courage to step up and invest in the guidance that you deserve.

My intention for this call is to leave you with a very clear and realistic strategy or plan to execute with confidence as you work towards your unique goals as a wellness entrepreneur. 


I can't wait to support you on your path towards abundance, freedom and inner peace.




Questions about the Accelerate call?

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Send me an email to with any questions you have or find me on instagram @alitempleyoga and send me a DM. 

I look forward to connecting with you!

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