About Ali

I started practicing yoga over 2 decades ago. I was a competitive athlete growing up and as I transitioned into the coaching world, I thought yoga would help heal recurring injuries and help keep me “in shape”. 

I had no idea at that point how transformative the practice would be, not only healing and strengthening me physically, but through all of my personal highest highs and lowest lows (i’ve had quite a few of those, can you relate?) since beginning my yoga journey, showing up for the practice along with meditation and reiki healing have ultimately been my “special sauce” of deep transformative healing. 

As a healer by nature, I'm beyond grateful to share these offerings with so many others on their own journey to a peaceful and strong body and mind. 

We all deserve inner peace. 

While on this path, I have reflected on spending my 20’s as a competitive sports coach and working in schools as an educational assistant. Both were such rewarding jobs that I loved deeply. I can’t help but reflect on the one common denominator that I felt the athletes, coaches, educators, parents, students (and myself at the time) all had in common. 


Not prioritizing time to truly take care of themselves, or not even knowing where to start. I was absolutely one of those people. When I chose to deepen my healing practice,  break my stress inducing habits and become a Yoga Teacher in 2014, I began to unravel and release the old patterns that I had spent many years swept up in and many of those years, I was too busy to even understand that I was struggling. After that initial 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training, I dove into many more years of trainings, courses, inner work, more reflection and supporting others through what I have learned. 

With my commitment to learning, unlearning and always growing-

I understand what it takes to find the calm within the chaos. 

Pretending that the challenges and stress don’t exist won’t make them go away. That’s when they often manifest in different ways like physical pain or illness and when unhealthy patterns are created (Can I get a “hands up emoji” for anyone who has trouble sleeping or finding calm in a stressful situation!) 

Whether you’re just starting out on your healing journey or you’re knees deep in that special sauce already, let’s level up together. 

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✌️ Ali