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Wild Hearts

 A 12 week Yoga Teacher Mentorship that guides you out of your comfort zone to support you with building confidence, reclaiming your unique voice and refining your skills to teach from a place of authenticity and ease.

This 12 week program is right for you if you want to:


  • build confidence in your teaching and self worth 

  • find your most authentic voice and teach from a place of love and compassion

  • Abolish imposter syndrome and let go of your inner critic and comparison

  • release blocks that are holding you back from your true potential

  • hold yourself accountable to show up consistently and do the work

  • receive weekly journal prompts and self inquiry questions to help release limiting beliefs and get clear on what unique gifts you have to offer as a teacher and human

  • Learn how to effortlessly weave in theming and connection in your classes

  • Dive deep into creating offerings from your heart like specialized workshops and 1:1 client programs

  • Set clear and precise goals that are both achievable and measurable

  • Receive  individualized guidance and support from someone who has embodied the role of the mentor for many years and has been through many of the same struggles and challenges you may be facing right now.


What you’ll get out of our 12 weeks together:

  • Specialized one on one support that aligns with your unique goals/challenges

  • Honest and clear feedback that will be transformative yet simple to implement

  • Support with self care rituals and daily practices that feel good and sustainable for your unique routine and help you avoid burnout

  •  lifetime access to a growing community of like minded teachers and supportive humans

  • The chance to connect weekly live either in an intimate group or one:one setting to reflect and grow at your own pace (with all replays available for at least a full week past the course end date).


What is the structure of our 12 weeks together?

-The dates are July 5-September 26

This is an online program. After you register, you'll be invited to join an online platform which will be where we have weekly meetings, share resources, connect and chat over the course of the 12 weeks. You'll have access to all "live" meetings up until one week past your final program date.

-Weekly live meetings (alternating 6X intimate group 60 minute meetings and 6X private 30 minute strategy meetings with Ali.

(All live calls and meetings will take place in the evenings (PST) and you'll have access to the recordings the following day if you can't join the group live group calls).


-Lifetime access to the private online group chat

-Lifetime access to the replays from your 6 private calls with Ali

-Total value is over $900!

-Lifetime connections with likeminded teachers

Tropical Beach



Shadow on Concrete Wall

Ambrea, Illinios, USA

Incredible. Thank you so much.

I couldn’t have asked to start the day any better!

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Linda, Melbourne, AUS

Ali has the most beautiful and soothing voice. This meditation helped put me into a restorative state and prepared me for a restful sleep. Thank you Ali!

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Michelle, Vancouver, CA

Ali is a talented and caring instructor who is passionate about her craft and loves sharing it with others. I have participated in her yoga classes and have also received reiki healing. Her empathic and calming energy has guided me through both good and bad times in my life. I am very grateful for her and her technique!

About Ali

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Ali is an intuitive, empathic healer who found her calling while on her own healing journey. Her authentic voice and calm energy have shone through her yoga and meditation teachings for over 7 years while her curiosity to grow and stretch (yoga joke) both as a human and as a teacher have granted her over 1000 hours of teacher training and counting.

After spending her childhood as a competitive athlete and juggling life in her 20’s between coaching competitive athletes and as a special education educator in the public school system, Ali finally hit a wall of realization- she was giving too much to others and wasn’t filling her own cup. She then started teaching yoga and meditation and was soon offered a job in Los Angeles, CA to teach full-time at a highly successful studio. Not long after, Ali faced the same issue- not only were many of her high profile students burning the candle at both ends, she herself was also taking on too much and not prioritizing self care. It was time for a change. And hello- Covid was also a factor in Ali’s decision to make some big life changes. (Sound familiar?)

Ali is now living and working remotely all over the world with her unique  online yoga and meditation offerings, prioritizing balance and self care while supporting others to do the same. She is passionate about guiding her students  from burnout to balance through yoga, meditation, energy healing and simple yet effective self care tips that she incorporates into her teachings. She looks forward to supporting you on the path to freedom and inner peace.

Connect with Ali on instagram @AliTempleYoga (and DM her to say Hi!) Click here to download a free self care guide that will help you feel more balanced and focused even on your busiest days, and visit her website to learn more about Ali.

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