Buddha Statue

Welcome friends! Here you'll find virtual Yoga, Meditation and Reiki healing opportunities for busy people like you to create a more

balanced and peaceful life. 

Although we already know that

Self Care is SO important,

 for some reason, it's a whole other thing to commit to showing up for yourself regularly, when you already have so much on your plate 

(sound familiar?).


Through physical movement, healing meditations and unique

opportunities to

relax and destress

let's navigate these rapid waters of life together and bring you home to your own inner peace.

Ready to go from Stressed and Sleep Deprived to Relaxed and Grounded?


Let the Healing Begin

“Great practice to let go of stress and ease my mind, thank you! :)”

-Uli  in Tuscaloosa County, AL, USA


“Ali has the most beautiful and soothing voice. This meditation helped put me into a restorative state and prepared me for a restful sleep. Thank you Ali!”

-Linda  in Melbourne, AU


“This meditation was perfect! It was easy to follow. I started my day with it and I will end my day with it. Namaste.”

-Tiff in Vermont, USA


“Gently into sleep. Lovely, thank you.”

-Julian in Bournemouth, United Kingdom

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