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Finding Your Zen and Paying Your bills: 3 Ways to Make Money as a Yoga Teacher Beyond Studio Classes

If you're a yoga teacher looking to spice up your income stream beyond the traditional studio setup, then buckle up, you're in for a treat. Read on to learn how to actually make money as a yoga teacher.

While teaching studio classes is all well and good, there are plenty of other exciting avenues to explore. So, roll out your mat, because we're about to uncover three ways to make moolah as a yoga teacher that you're probably not already doing. Plus, I'll share some of the sweetest benefits of taking your teaching skills outside of the studio. Get ready to embrace new possibilities and find your Zen, all while padding your wallet!

If you're new to me- Hi! I'm Ali Temple- international yoga & meditation teacher, retreat leader, full-time traveler and mentor to wellness entrepreneurs who feel called to step outside the box and live life on their own terms. I've been teaching yoga for close to a decade. Before investing in my remote business growth, I struggled big time with learning how to make money as a yoga teacher. After many years of trial and error, I finally gathered up the courage to invest in myself and find the support I needed to build a thriving biz.

I've been putting into action some of the suggestions that I'll be sharing with you today for over 7 years In yoga hotspots like Los Angeles, San Diego and Vancouver, Canada but also in more exotic locations like Thailand and Mexico. You could say I definitely live my life "outside of the yogi box".

Ali is sitting by a tropical pool, working on her laptop with a smile on her face.

If you've only been teaching in studios (or drop-in zoom classes) and you're ready to branch out for more freedom and abundance, then read on for a few of my top tips on where to start with teaching yoga beyond the studio.

1. Private Yoga Pro:

Offering private 1:1 yoga packages is the perfect way to become the yogi pro that you were dreaming of during your first YTT! You may not realize how many of your ideal yoga students actually crave individual attention, tailor-made sequences, and ultimate flexibility in their busy schedules (and in yours).

By offering private sessions, you can cater to these VIP yogis, while creating your own schedule that also works for you. You can host sessions at your students homes, in the park (which is where I taught my first few yoga classes- shoutout to Pan Pacific Park in LA), or online via zoom. The best part? You can charge much higher rates while forging deeper connections with your clients. Talk about VIP treatment- it's a win-win.

Benefits of offering 1:1 Yoga Packages:

a) Cha-Ching!

It goes without saying that you didn't get into teaching yoga for the money, but it's essential to understand that there needs to be a balanced energy exchange when you teach this healing practice. Private sessions mean higher rates, giving your bank account the extra oomph that you so deeply deserve. And yes, you ARE worth it.

b) It's All About Them:

Private instruction allows you to focus solely on the individual, addressing their unique goals, and creating a truly personalized experience.

c) Namaste Flexibility:

Wave goodbye to rigid schedules! With private sessions, you can set your own hours, finally building the harmonious work-life balance that you've been longing for.

A yoga teacher is offering a hands on assist to her yoga student in a private, indoor setting.

2. Workshop Wonder: Ignite the Yoga Fire!

Hey, creative yogi! It's time to realign your sacral chakra, dive into the world of yoga workshops and unleash your inner creativity.

Rather than confining your teaching to the four walls of a studio, why not spread your knowledge and passion through yoga workshops that you design specifically for your niche or specialty? Workshops allow you to delve deep into specific aspects of yoga, whether it's arm balances, meditation, or even funky yoga fusion styles. The more specific you can get with it, the better. You can organize these workshops in community centers, at fitness events, or even collaborate with local businesses or wellness retreat centers. This is such a powerful way to stay inspired, avoid burnout and actually make money as a yoga teacher!

Benefits of offering yoga workshops:

a) Spotlight on You:

Yoga workshops put you in the spotlight, allowing you to showcase your expertise and unique teaching style to a diverse audience.

b) Supercharge Your Income:

Workshops generally command higher fees than regular classes, giving your bank account a lovely boost while also sharing your passion with your students.

c) Infinite Creativity:

With workshops, you have the freedom to get imaginative! Design unique themes, incorporate props, and experiment with exciting sequences or topics that will leave your students craving more. Hot tip- once you've dialed in a successful workshop topic, try hosting it monthly for an extra financial boost on the regular.

A group of women are sitting in a circle with hands on their hearts, meditating together in silence.

3. Wanderlust Retreat Ringleader:

Calling all adventure seekers! If you have a wanderlust soul like I do, organizing yoga retreats will definitely fill your cup.

Picture this: leading a uniquely curated experience at a stunning nature retreat, or whisking your students away to an exotic destination (Bali, Morocco, Costa Rica…you get the picture). These immersive experiences combine yoga, meditation, delicious healthy local food, and all-around bliss. If it's your first retreat, consider collaborating with fellow wellness practitioners or partner up with retreat agencies to create irresistible events that attract your dream students, minus the overwhelm of tackling it on your own. Get ready to master the art of Zen and wander!

Benefits of hosting retreats:

a) Unleash Your Inner Artist:

Retreats are your canvas to unleash your creativity, designing unique experiences that reflect your overall vision and style.

b) Tribe Vibes:

Retreats create a sense of community, forging deep connections with your students that go above and beyond a single drop-in class. You'll have a tribe of yogis connecting instantly and supporting each other far beyond the week you spend together in the jungle (it's such a beautiful thing to witness).

c) Personal Growth and Passport Stamps:

Leading retreats allows you to expand your horizons, both personally and professionally. Get ready for personal growth and adventure!

Ali and four of her yoga students are sitting in the jungle in front of a large gong, with arms raised over their heads and excited, joyful expressions on their faces.

So, yogipreneur, are you feeling the call to step out of the studio safety zone to explore these fun and purposeful paths that will help you cash in on your passion for sharing yoga and actually make money as a yoga teacher?

Embrace the possibilities, stay aligned with your vision and connected to your "Why". Then watch your bank account grow while spreading the love.

It's time to find your Zen and pay your bills, one sun salutation at a time!

Chances are, you already have tons of ideas on what you want to create on this more lucrative and purposeful path ahead. The challenging part is often understanding how to take the strategic action and put these plans in motion. When it comes to the strategy and action steps needed to build and grow your remote yoga biz, I know firsthand that it can feel overwhelming at first. (I've totally been there).

If you'd like to dive deeper into HOW to get started with creating these types of lucrative offerings, including specific breakdowns of how to plan, promote and sell them, check out my online course: Purpose to Profit

In the meantime, I've got lots more to share with you to keep you inspired and informed on your path to freedom, flexibility and abundance.

Let's stay connected on the gram. Follow me @alitempleyoga and keep an eye out for regular live trainings, I'd love to see you there!


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