A monthly membership for yoga teachers to:

guide you in a clear direction towards your teaching goals by supporting you with overcoming the overwhelm of teaching online, breaking down the barriers around tech, video, self promo and social media and helping you gain the confidence you need to build an abundant yoga business with ease.


This accessible and flexible membership is for you if you've been:

  • Curious about teaching online but lacking the support you need to learn about the tech, programs and strategies without getting overwhelmed.

  • Thinking about growing an online community so you can lead sold out retreats, make a bigger impact around the world and reach students globally

  • Craving more freedom and flexibility in your schedule, rather than only working for studios or companies but you're not sure how to run a business

Welcome to a supportive and
intimate community...

where you'll finally find the guidance you need to set up your yoga business and reach your yoga teaching dreams!

This membership includes:

  • A Monthly live training with Ali- helping you gain clarity around some of the biggest setbacks that yoga teachers face around teaching beyond group studio classes

  • A private and intimate group container available 24/7 where you'll connect with other teachers, share challenges and receive personalized feedback from Ali 

  • A second live, private group call each month to check-in for accountability, motivation and to answer any questions that have come up from the monthly training


It's time to ditch the overwhelm and seek the guidance you desire so you can elevate your teaching career with momentum and confidence!

Are you ready to:

Build the courage you need to strategically set up and sell out the big dreams you've had since you started teaching

Confidently level up your offerings from only group classes to workshops, privates and retreats

  • Get comfortable with social media, being on video and providing effective, valuable content so your ideal students get to know, like and trust you 

  • Create a clear plan to overcome the resistance and hesitation to sharing your unique gifts with the world

  • Learn simple marketing strategies and tools to get students into your classes

  • Learn how to start building and fostering an online community

  • Gain clarity around what your yoga niche is and how to find your ideal students

  • Break through limiting self beliefs that are holding you back from stepping beyond your comfort zone of only offering group classes

Get organized and receive the direction you've been missing to rock the role of Yoga Business Owner

  • Start to incorporate simple organizational steps daily to become a clear and inspired entrepreneur 

  • Unlock the mystery of showing up regularly on social media and creating weekly content, minus the anxiety or burnout

  • Understand what it takes to shift from yoga teacher to "yogi-preneur" and receive the support you need to not give up when things get tough

VIP introductory pricing is open now for this super accessible membership and we begin on July 10th, 2022.


What you'll gain from this high value,low cost membership:

  • Direction and simple tips around how to organize your schedule as a yoga teacher and an entrepreneur (and STAY organized as life gets busier).

  • A renewed sense of connection. If you've been disconnected from teaching and missing the community connection that you've had in the past during YTT, this group membership is an essential way to reconnect.

  • A flexible, low commitment and accessible membership where you receive a TON of value and opportunities to connect with Ali personally.


  • Tons of opportunities to learn intimately from a mentor who specializes in both the strategic and organizational side of running a business AND is an empath with compassion towards what you're going through (I've been there!)

Hi, I'm Ali.


I'm a global yoga and meditation teacher, retreat leader and yoga teacher mentor.

When I first started teaching yoga over 8 years ago, I suffered from crippling self doubt. I was lost, confused and overwhelmed. 

I had all of these inspiring ideas and dreams of what I wanted to do as a yoga teacher but I had NO idea where to start.

As I worked my way through the challenges of imposter syndrome, finding my authentic voice and gaining confidence, my dreams started to become reality.

I spent four years in Los Angeles as the Lead Teacher and Teacher Development Manager at three of LA's top studios. I also spent a few years mentoring new teachers around the globe with an International company.


In 2020, everything shifted. I'm sure you can relate. I decided to follow my biggest dream yet, donate my belongings, leave my comfortable LA home and live a location independent lifestyle, traveling the world full time, leading sold out retreats and running an online yoga & mentoring business.

It's not easy to find your way as a yoga teacher but I've learned a hell of a lot on my own journey and since I've been mentoring and coaching teachers for over 5 years now, I've helped many do the same, without feeling alone, lost or unsupported like I did.

Connect with me on Instagram here

Check out my yoga teacher tutorials on Youtube here

What Teachers are saying about my guidance:


"Ali is an amazing mentor/coach. I was feeling lost, scattered, and unmotivated after my teacher training. In the time we have been working together, I have become more focused, proactive, and confident in my teaching, and I know she will continue to bring the best out of me. I am so glad I made the decision to invest in myself, as Ali’s support and guidance have without a doubt helped me immensely."


(Wild Hearts Graduate 2021 and Deep Dive mentee)

michelle for testimonial.jpg

Ali is insightful, and a marketing genius. She is always open and honest about sharing her knowledge and lessons learned. I’m so grateful we connected and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to take their yoga career to the next level.

-Michelle (2022 Mentee)



Pay up Front

For a limited time:
pay in advance for 6 months (July 10- Jan. 10) and receive a
free 60 minute coaching call.
Price: $150 USD


Payment Plan

Sign up for the super accessible monthly auto-renew payment plan and cancel
at any time.
Price: $25 USD/Month


By signing up for this membership, you'll also receive exclusive unlimited access to these 5 training replays:

  • Ditch Burnout and Reignite your Teaching Flame

  • Non Cringey Self Promotion

  • Increase your Income with Workshops and 1:1 Packages

  • 12 Month Planning/Goal and Sankalpa Setting

  • Teaching Online in 2022: Why, How & What You Need to Start Now 

Looking to level up and accelerate your momentum with a bonus 60 minute 1:1 call with Ali?

($200 USD value) Choose the option to pay for 6 months up front and I'll be in touch within 48 hours to book your bonus 1:1 call (offer valid only until July 10th, 2022)!


It takes courage to make the choice to level up, receive guidance from an experienced mentor and join a community of like minded teachers.

My intention for this membership is to help you gain the clarity, momentum and direction needed towards reaching your unique teaching goals with purpose.


I can't wait to welcome you insupport you on your path towards abundance and freedom so you can connect with your ideal yoga students and create a bigger impact around the globe!




Questions about the Clarity Membership?

Send me an email to with any questions you have or connect with me on instagram @alitempleyoga and send me a DM. 

I look forward to connecting with you!