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Are you a yoga teacher, healer or wellness professional ready to shift to a more aligned and liberated lifestyle of full-time travel, where you can run your remote biz from all over the world in a way that feels connected yet exciting?

Maybe you've dipped your toe in the travel lifestyle, taking incredible trips to exotic destinations around the world and you've always come home saying to yourself: 
"some day I'll gain the courage and figure out how to do this full-time."

Now is your opportunity to make that dream a reality and learn everything you need to know (and that I wish I knew when I started traveling full-time) to set yourself up for a successful life as a spiritual "digital nomad" or "location independent soulpreneur!"

The waitlist is opening soon for the next round, beginning 
March 23, 2023!



the Freedom Program is a live 12 week course designed to teach you everything you need to know to be ready, confident and prepared to shift from living an unfulfilling, ordinary life and begin the full-time travel lifestyle of your dreams.

guide you in a clear direction towards building a sustainable and thriving business that offers you a life of travel and/or freedom.


This membership and community will help you:


  • Learn and implement simple business tools, techniques and strategies that you need to create the remote biz you've been dreaming of,

  • Release the blocks holding you back from making your dreams of freedom a reality,


  • Overcome the overwhelm of sharing your offerings online and building a global client base,


  • Gain confidence in your unique abilities so you can shine your light far and wide.



This program is right for you  if you've been:

  • Curious about creating your own signature classes, courses, programs or workshops- both online and in person but lacking the support and guidance you need to understand the business side including technology and authentic sales strategies without getting overwhelmed.

  • Thinking about growing a global client base or online community that is fully aligned with your purpose so you can start working towards leading sold out retreats and making a bigger impact on your clients lives around the world.

  • Trying to figure out how to work for yourself and build a sustainable business that is fully aligned with your core values, rather than putting all of your time and energy into other studios or companies.

Welcome to a unique  and game changing opportunity...

where you'll finally find the guidance you need to set up your remote yoga or wellness business while staying connected and inspired by other like-minded teachers and healers who are on a similar path to yours!

This program includes:

  • 12 weekly 90 minute masterclasses 

           with Ali Temple and unlimited lifetime                access to the replays 

  • A private and intimate group container available 24/7 where you'll connect with the other students who are courageous souls like yourself, share challenges and ask questions for personalized feedback from Ali 

  • Exclusive trainings with four hand picked experts that have supported Ali over the past few years of her full-time travel journey

  • New weekly content, resources and four module work books that will help you learn, grow and prepare for your new life of travel

  • One private 1:1 90 minute Accelerate call with Ali (valued at $299 USD) to get crystal clear on how to reach your personalized goals, and what to focus on with next steps.

  • Six months of unlimited access to the Clarity Membership training videos to help grow your remote business with ease ($228 USD value)

It's time to ditch the overwhelm and quit playing small so you can receive the support and momentum needed to transform your dreams into reality!

Are you ready to:

Build the courage you need to strategically set up and sell out the big dreams and ideas taking up space in your head

Confidently level up your offerings and go from working for someone else to running your own workshops, privates, programs and retreats

Get organized and receive the direction you've been missing to rock the role of 
Successful Entrepreneur

  • Get comfortable with social media, being on video and providing effective, valuable content so your ideal students get to know, like and trust you 

  • Create a clear plan to overcome the resistance and hesitation to sharing your unique gifts with the world

  • Learn simple marketing strategies and tools to get students into your offerings

  • Learn how to start authentically building and fostering an online community

  • Gain clarity around what your niche is and how to find your ideal clients

  • Break through limiting self beliefs that are holding you back from stepping beyond your comfort zone of only working for others

  • Start to incorporate simple organizational steps daily to become a clear and inspired entrepreneur 

  • Unlock the mystery of showing up regularly on social media and creating weekly content, minus the anxiety or burnout

  • Understand what it takes to shift from employee to business owner and receive the support you need to not give up when things get tough

For a limited time, when you purchase a 12 month membership, you'll receive 2 months for free!


What you'll gain from this unique program:

  • Direction and simple tips around how to organize your schedule as a  an entrepreneur who doesn't fit into the "one size fits all" or 9-5 job mentality (plus how to STAY organized and inspired as life gets busier and if you choose to hit the road).

  • A renewed sense of connection. If you've been feeling disconnected from others and missing the community connection that you've felt during past trainings, this group membership is an essential way to reconnect.

  • A flexible, low commitment and accessible membership where you receive a TON of value and opportunities to connect with Ali personally.


  • Plenty of opportunities to learn intimately from a mentor who has been traveling full time for 2 years, has nailed down the strategic and organizational side of running a business AND is an empath with compassion towards what you're going through (getting started is the toughest part!)

Hi, I'm Ali.


I'm a global yoga and meditation teacher, energy healer, retreat leader and I mentor yoga teachers and other spiritual entrepreneurs.

When I first started teaching yoga over 8 years ago, I suffered from crippling self doubt. I was lost, confused and overwhelmed. 

I had all of these inspiring ideas and dreams of how I wanted to impact the world with my purpose and gifts as a yoga teacher but I had NO idea where to start.

As I worked my way through the challenges of imposter syndrome, finding my authentic voice and gaining confidence, my dreams started to become reality.

I spent four years in Los Angeles as the Lead Teacher and Teacher Development Manager at three of LA's top studios. I also spent a few years mentoring new teachers around the globe with an International company.


In 2020, everything shifted. I'm sure you can relate.


I found myself reflecting on what was working in my life and what wasn't. I no longer felt called to continue working my butt off for someone else when I had so many of my own dreams to live, share and serve others on my own terms.


So I decided to follow my biggest dream yet, donate my belongings, leave my comfortable Los Angeles Lifestyle and leap into the unknown- a brand new location independent lifestyle, traveling the world full-time, leading sold out retreats, connecting regularly with a global client base and running an online (travel friendly) yoga & mentoring business.

It's not easy to build your own business as a spiritual entrepreneur but I've learned a hell of a lot on my own journey that I'm ready to share with you to save you the time, energy and many of the challenges that I've faced along the way.


Since I've been mentoring and coaching yoga teachers and wellness professionals for over 5 years now, I've helped many others with abolishing self doubt so they can carve their own unique path, without feeling alone, lost or unsupported like I did.



Tiana for website.png

"The Clarity Membership has supported me with dialing in on my message and my niche. It was hard to come up with my positioning statement on my own at first, but with the help from Ali and our community, I have easily found the words and now I know I have a clear vision for my yoga business!"

-Tiana (Dallas, TX)

Untitled design-43.png

"Ali is insightful, and a marketing genius. She is always open and honest about sharing her knowledge and lessons learned. I’m so grateful we connected and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to take their yoga career to the next level."


(Denver, CO)

This 12 week program includes 4 modules:


Preparing for Travel

  • energy/self care/boundaries, setting up a solid support system, dealing with nay-sayers, release blocks, goal setting, packing,
    letting go of what you don’t need, 

side hustle?
Take care of health issues and preventative. Have an exit plan or access to enough money to fly home, etc.

Budgeting, simplifying finances (pay off debt, cancel subscriptions that you don’t use

  • -insurance for travel and business/waiver forms

  • ​​


Practical Planning

  • Booking Accomodations, what to pack, booking travel, deciding where to go and stay and for how long, what to look for, visa and travel restrictions, safety, 

  • -insurance for travel and business/waiver forms

  • ​​


Community Building

  • Global client base, meeting people where you’ll be traveling

  • Showing up consistently and Staying connected with online client base

  • Consider the communities before choosing where you want to visit/live. 

  • Check out Facebook groups for the vibes

  • ​​


Business on the Road

  • retreats- timeline

  • Collaborations

  • leading events in person vs. online. Building a steady income, working with a mentor, investing in your business

Regular Price $1800 USD

March 2023 Special introductory price: $998 USD

Earlybird pricing until February 28: $900 (6 month payment plan)


Meet the
Special Guest Experts:


Expert 1


Expert 2

Expert 3


Expert 4


It takes courage to make the choice to level up, receive guidance from an experienced mentor and believe in yourself enough to join a community of like minded teachers and healers.

My intention for this membership is to help you gain clarity, momentum and direction with simple yet profound trainings and ongoing support to keep you inspired to grow your remote biz at a pace that feels right for you.


I can't wait to welcome you and support you on your path towards abundance and freedom so you can serve more ideal clients and create a bigger impact by sharing your unique healing gifts around the globe!



Still have questions about the membership?

Send me an email to with any questions you have or connect with me on instagram @alitempleyoga and send me a DM. 

I look forward to connecting with you!

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