Ready to feel Rejuvenated & Calm for FREE?

Join Ali on Monday, April 12th at 5pm PST for this FREE 60 minute New Moon Yoga Flow that includes:

  • A guided new moon meditation to release feelings of fear or uncertainty of the future

  • All levels Vinyasa flow for clarity & focus  

  • Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation

  • An opportunity to connect in community with other high vibing individuals, from the comfort of your own home


You'll leave this 60 minute unique offering feeling calm, rejuvenated and having set some seriously clear intentions for the first new moon of Spring! Sign up now and you'll receive instant confirmation with the zoom link to your inbox (check your promotions folder)!

This FREE live class is an $18 value.

Replay will be sent to everyone who registers and available for 7 days!

Tropical Beach



Shadow on Concrete Wall

Ambrea, Illinios, USA

Incredible. Thank you so much.

I couldn’t have asked to start the day any better!

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Linda, Melbourne, AUS

Ali has the most beautiful and soothing voice. This meditation helped put me into a restorative state and prepared me for a restful sleep. Thank you Ali!

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Michelle, Vancouver, CA

Ali is a talented and caring instructor who is passionate about her craft and loves sharing it with others. I have participated in her yoga classes and have also received reiki healing. Her empathic and calming energy has guided me through both good and bad times in my life. I am very grateful for her and her technique!

About Ali

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Ali is an intuitive, empathic healer who found her calling while on her own healing journey. Her authentic voice and calm energy have shone through her yoga and meditation teachings for over 7 years while her curiosity to grow and stretch (yoga joke) both as a human and as a teacher have granted her over 1000 hours of teacher training and counting.

After spending her childhood as a competitive athlete and juggling life in her 20’s between coaching competitive athletes and as a special education educator in the public school system, Ali finally hit a wall of realization- she was giving too much to others and wasn’t filling her own cup. She then started teaching yoga and meditation and was soon offered a job in Los Angeles, CA to teach full-time at a highly successful studio. Not long after, Ali faced the same issue- not only were many of her high profile students burning the candle at both ends, she herself was also taking on too much and not prioritizing self care. It was time for a change. And hello- Covid was also a factor in Ali’s decision to make some big life changes. (Sound familiar?)

Ali is now living and working remotely all over the world with her unique  online yoga and meditation offerings, prioritizing balance and self care while supporting others to do the same. She is passionate about guiding her students  from burnout to balance through yoga, meditation, energy healing and simple yet effective self care tips that she incorporates into her teachings. She looks forward to supporting you on the path to freedom and inner peace.

Connect with Ali on instagram @AliTempleYoga (and DM her to say Hi!) Click here to download a free self care guide that will help you feel more balanced and focused even on your busiest days, and visit her website to learn more about Ali.