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Deep Dive 
1:1 Yoga Teacher Mentorship   

A 6 month personalized coaching program that will fuel you with inspiration, clarity, support and guidance to achieve your unique teaching goals and dreams.



Are you in your first year of teaching and feeling overwhelmed, lost or uninspired about reaching your full potential as a teacher?

Maybe you're getting stuck in imposter syndrome, comparison mode or feeling afraid that you won't be good enough?

You might be feeling the call to get serious and commit to your growth and development as a teacher but you don't feel confident enough to reach your full potential on your own.

 You don't have to go it alone!


This coaching program is right for you if you want to:

  • Find clarity around where you should be focusing your time and energy around growing as a teacher

  • Cultivate your most authentic voice so you can effortlessly teach from a place of love and compassion 

  • Abolish imposter syndrome and let go of your inner critic so you can spend more time and energy refining your skills rather than doubting your abilities

  • Release blocks that are holding you back and find the courage to reach your true bad ass teaching potential

I know what it's like to be a new teacher with big dreams and goals but discouraged and lost due to lack of direction and support. That's why I'm here to guide you towards your true teaching potential.

Are you ready to:

  • Take a deep dive into your own teaching challenges and blocks and receive clear, direct guidance around how to break through them?

  • Hold yourself accountable to consistently show up and do the work because you know that all great teachers are continually growing and stretching (physically and mentally)?

  • Get organized and commit to a plan on expanding your teaching with my support and guidance backing you each step of the way?​​


  • Set clear and specific goals that are both achievable and measurable so you can release feelings of overwhelm and self doubt?

  • Stop making excuses and putting off the opportunity to really step into the role of the teacher once and for all?

  • Release the scarcity mindset and learn the key ingredients to cultivating an abundant and successful yoga career with specialized offers like 1:1 sessions, workshops and special events?


 It's time to reignite your passion within and bring your vision and purpose as a yoga teacher to life with ease!

Very limited spaces are currently available to begin in March 2022. Scroll down to book a free call with me if you're interested and have questions about the program.

What you'll receive during our time together


  • 6 months of consistent and personalized one on one support to guide you through your unique challenges and gain clarity in your next steps

  • Honest and clear feedback that will be transformative yet simple to implement so you know exactly where to focus your time and energy to grow as a teacher

  •  Individualized guidance from someone who has embodied the role of the mentor for many years and has been through many of the same struggles and challenges that you're facing right now so you don't have to take the long road to becoming an abundant yoga teacher

  • Two live calls a month to set clear goals, to feel guided and supported and to be held accountable for next steps plus receive support via email between the calls whenever needed.


Hi, I'm Ali.

I'm an international yoga & meditation teacher, retreat leader and yoga teacher mentor. Ive been teaching yoga since 2014 and have completed over 1000 hrs of teacher training. I've taught yoga and trained yoga teachers in many different cities and countries around the world.


I spent 4 years teaching at some of the top studios in Los Angeles, CA as both a Lead Teacher and Teacher Development Manager.


In these positions and other roles through well known international yoga companies, I’ve been mentoring yoga teachers across the world for over 4 years.

I had a hell of a time struggling to find my voice, confidence and feet during the first couple of years of my own teaching journey.

That’s one of the reasons why I'm so passionate about supporting new teachers with finding their own voice and confidence today.


What Teachers are saying about my guidance:


"Ali is an amazing mentor/coach. I was feeling lost, scattered, and unmotivated after my teacher training. In the time we have been working together, I have become more focused, proactive, and confident in my teaching, and I know she will continue to bring the best out of me. I am so glad I made the decision to invest in myself, as Ali’s support and guidance have without a doubt helped me immensely."


(Wild Hearts Graduate 2021 and current Deep Dive participant)


"Ali was always quick to respond, and warm and receptive of my questions.

her consistency was a frequent reminder that I was always supported and could always reach out. That really made all the difference."

-Former Mentee (2019)


The program includes:

2 Monthly calls

  • Once a month we meet to get really clear on your specific goals and challenges. We will set up a plan with realistic, actionable steps for you to rise to the challenge of expanding outside your comfort zone and maintaining a steady pace forward towards your goals.

  • The second monthly call is a check in to ensure the forward momentum continues, to re-evaluate and update any plans that might need to pivot and to keep you inspired and accountable to showing up and doing the work.

Continued support and availability from me throughout our time together

  • I will be available via email for extra guidance between our calls for extra support when questions arise.

  • When moments of self doubt or procrastination creep in, you'll feel confident knowing that I'm just an email away to fuel your inner fire and keep you inspired to stay on track.

  • Be fully supported and held accountable as you dive into the work of becoming an abundant and confident teacher.

The opportunity to send me 2 class recordings for feedback over our 6 months together

  • Receive honest and clear feedback so you know where to focus on refining your skills over the course of the program.

  • Up-level your teaching so you can spend more time and energy connecting with your students and making a bigger impact in their lives.

  • Hone in on specific habits and crutches you may have picked up along the way and how to freshen up your cueing and theming.



Pay in Full

Purchase the Pay in Full option for $2250 USD (savings of $300)


Payment Plan

Need more flexibility? Choose this option for 6 monthly payments of

$425 USD ($2550 USD total)

It's time to conquer your fears and transform your teaching so you can truly serve others while living a more empowered and confident life.

I can't wait to support you as you step into your true power both as a teacher and a person.




Questions about the program?

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Schedule a free 20 minute consultation call below or send me an email to with any questions you have. I look forward to connecting with you!