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Yoga Teacher Feedback Criteria

Teaching Online Specific

(Lighting, Audio Visual)


  • Lighting: looking for a well lit space, not back lit (open window behind you) if it makes you look silhouetted  or unclear. Set up in FRONT of a window or use a ring light or other small light from amazon if needed.


  • Audio: clear voice coming through. If using ear buds or a mic, no feedback or sound cutting in and out. If not using any mic- make sure the audio is as clear and consistent as possible from start to finish.


  • Visual: Looking for a clean and clutter free space, visually pleasing- simple is best.




Phase 2- Connection, Theming, Timing

(This phase is about refining phase 1 and upleveling the experience- offering a more dynamic class).


  • Connection-Connecting with students before and after class (if possible) as well as finding moments to watch bodies and offer cues and praise directly to students throughout the class. Understanding when it is appropriate to step off your mat, take a break from demonstrating and continue to hold space with verbal cues, while making more person suggestions.


  • Theming- Sharing an intention and weaving that theme throughout the class (beginning, middle, end). Making sure the theme you choose is something you feel authentically connected to and inspired to speak about. Keeping it concise and relevant so all students can connect on some level. (Don't overthink this one, keep it simple!)


  • Timing- Class starts and ends on time. Lengths of holds are consistent and 2-5 minutes (at least) is left for final savasana. Timing moving into poses doesn't feel too lengthy.

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